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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  March 28, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ >> good morning, current tv fans, yes that blinding sexiness over there, it's hal sparks. >> hi, am i supposed to speak yet. >> yes, this is a little preshow thing we do for the current fans. >> i had there. come join us on the hump days of hal blog on my web site. >> and mike papantonio will join us to talk about supreme court stuff. >> i will interview jim and then i will interview his empty chair.
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all kinds of stuff going on today. >> the cricket interview. lawrence o'donnell interviews cricket. [ cricket chirping ] >> you are watching current tv where we interview real people. it's time for a current news update with jackie schecner. >> it's day three of the supreme court takes up the issue of national healthcare reform and today they are going to focus on severability. that's if the whole of healthcare reform can survive, if the individual mandate is found to be on the whole. it's looking right now that justice roberts and justice kennedy are the most likely swing votes if we can get them, october, the four liberals on the court will vote in favor we assume of keeping the mandate in place. also on the tocchet today is the issue of medicaid. the federal government says the states have to expand it. the states say they can't
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afford it but the federal government says we give you money, we can tell you what to do. it won't cost the state very much either because the federal government would be picking up most of the tab. do you know who needs money? newt gingrich does. he's allegedly laying off a third of his campaign staff this morning. that's the news out that he's trying to make it to tampa and the convention. he's trying to stretch the funs as -- funds as far as they possibly can go. there's a new poll out that says six out of ten republicans say it's time for both newt gingrich and ron paul to bow out of the race. a fun little nugget, there's a peach show, it's a diorama, where people make it out of the candy peeps. it's a fun one to take a look at it. the one is occupeep doc. you can see that online at you can join us in chat online during the stephanie miller
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show at we'll be right back.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and
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above all, politically direct. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it's the stephanie miller show! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa, i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ and it's it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ all right now, it's time to feel good ♪ >> mm-hmm, it's the stephanie miller show, six minutes after the hour. call us toll-free to join the party. oh, no, it's not an empty chair. oh, no, it isn't.
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>> stephie. >> heavy breathing. could it be? >> do the hump. >> hump day with hal sparks. yes, yes! >> oh, god you look good in tv light. >> i could get used to that idea. i was once told i had a race for radio and a backside for television. i could get used to that idea. >> i beg your pardon. handy. >> you are current tv audience for the visual candy. it doesn't come in smell-o-vision, because there's -- >> yes, garlic. >> what? >> lots and lots of garlic. i'm over here with two vegan cookies. i'm actually potpourri for this -- it's like... ssss! >> i've got water. >> thank you. neutral like switzerland. >> it's day three. we need to do something different, how ba
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gastrointestinal stress. >> or how about that bleeding from the eyes. into >> oh, that explains the pilot. >> you had the worst flight. >> i often have to transfer. the worst weather ever, and they kept circling us through and every 20 minutes they try to go back and land. to the point where the plane was tipping up on its side and shaking and everyone was leading up against the hull. everybody, except myself and one other guy who didn't puke. another guy crapped his pants. he actually crapped his pants. >> awesome. >> even still, i think the jetblue flight, the pilot says oh, iraq iran, save france! >> these blue potato chips are making me crazy! >> wow! yeah, he began pounding on the door of the cockpit and yelled
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about threats from eye ron -- iran iraq and afghanistan. >> and he will be mitt romney's running mate. >> there you go! >> that's how you bring it back to politics. he's not yet crazy enough to be in the republican field in to 12. to -- in 2012. >> now that's politically correct. >> really, that's you guys working the title into conversation? directly? >> i have not had a chance -- >> i wore my current swag today. >> i haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your wonder woman background. >> i neat need bulletproof bracelets. >> do you have to run behind a bush and spin? >> nothing from you? >> we are watching john -- >> yeah. ♪ >> a broke super hero.
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>> dodging the bullets of deceit. finding off -- stephanie miller! ♪ all the world is waiting for you ♪ >> wonder woman! >> okay. >> by the way, for those of you who are wondering, yes, indeed if you listen to charlie daniels "the devil went down to georgia," yes, it's the wonderwoman theme. i don't know what he had about the show. >> musicologist, hal sparks. >> we are watching this on cnn right there. >> yes, all three of us will be in albuquerque this saturday. >> what are the odds? we are all here. >> go to >> by the way, this is -- it's come full circle. i'm used to having chicks use me to get to hal sparks and now i have friends using me to get stuff for their grand kids because he's now a kids
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television show star as well. yes, "lab rats" on disney. >> disney xd. we are number one show on the network. >> yeah. >> i will put that out there. it's true. highest rating for the network. >> now 8-year-olds are using me to get to you. >> yep. >> you need to sign something for cooper. >> okay. i can do that. >> i'm appearing as diamond hand and can destroy all aliens, i believe -- >> what is this? >> it's an animated thing. >> just an animated thing that mispronounced the title and run away. >> that's what it is. jim, be proud of your work! you're a genius. >> this is the reality show portion of this, that everyone wants to see, the b.t.s. what are these characters about? who will be voted off the island first. >> oh, nudge, he might newt gingrich, he might be -- >> oh, i'm refocusing my campaign. it's under a microscope. >> he's laying off a third of
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his paid staff. hmm. replacing the campaign manager and lightening the campaign schedule. >> what -- now, what's the -- do we -- i heard a little bit of it, but is the new campaign manager, the old campaign manager a friend of his wife's? >> oh. >> like, the new guy -- >> this is calista's kids book tour now at this point. >> yes. >> but for $50, you can get a picture with newt. >> yeah! >> wow! >> that's actually more expensive than william shatner. shatner will charge you for a picture. >> how much do you charge? >> mine are all free. i at one point toyed with the idea of getting a little cup and said put $5 in and i will give it to charity or whatever but i felt like some people would go, i can't get a picture if i don't -- i don't have -- i felt bad. so i won't even help charity. >> yeah, this is very sad. in an effort to raise more money for his campaign, newt gingrich is charging $50 to get a photo.
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the candidates spend about $200,000 more in february than he took in. and also, they want you to know, his spokesman says we have an online show where you can buy hats, shirts and a bandanna for your dog. >> that will be ebay wear. i have a hat from the gingrich campaign. >> i thought i was a loser. seriously, what loser buys a newt bandanna for your dog? really? >> it's for all the bikers for newt that are going to sturgis next year. they will wear the bandannas their do rags. >> all right, so the last of the breaking news in the trayvon martin case. >> yes. >> so court documents obtained on tuesday evening, show george zimmerman went to court for accusations of domestic violence, tussling with a police officer and speeding. the right wing is not surprisingly, but disgustingly trying to smear trayvon martin.
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>> of course. >> they are trying to smear him white exonerating george zimmerman. that's why there needs to be an actual police investigation and actual police work. >> and somebody came up with a picture of another black kid not trayvon martin. >> yes, please, we will get to that. >> flipping the bird. >> this is the gang picture, him flipping the bird. >> and it's not him. >> yeah. >> and then one of the fox sites was pulling stuff from storm front, which is the nazi web site. >> great! >> awesome! >> yeah. so there you go. >> thanks, fox news. what a shock. >> and obviously the big news yesterday is the trayvon martin investigator wanted to find a manslaughter charge against zimmerman, and was instructed not to. there's a lot of new information coming out, but, oh, the main thing is when you get on tv, let me move my brussel sprouts for a moment. pardon me. >> really? ii literally -- it's nine farts in a row! >> only day three. >> and i don't even know what
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that noise is at all. it's like a bull frog dying. that's not even a fart noise. have at least the respect of a -- i mean, that -- >> well, my point is television, you get much better hate mail. >> oh, good! >> and you know, they are very -- >> look. >> oh! >> they spelled "hypocrite" wrong. >> that's what jumped off the page at me. >> did they leave the "e" off again. >> yes. >> we are water buffalo crits. >> this is from david. >> oh, david. >> regarding trayvon. >> hi, david. >> you racist hypocrites. >> hmm? >> he has against hippos. >> yes, this is where we get called racists. you don't want justice. you want a lame, baseless reason to spread hate and violence. >> what is --
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>> talking about the trayvon martin case. by defending him, we are -- >> not the one who shot him? >> no! >> well, yeah, clearly! >> you hypocrites! >> i'm sure he gets to a salient point in just a moment and he actually wraps that -- that concept up in a nice little package that we can all understand in just a moment. >> sure. just wait for it. >> you only want impassioned rhetoric. souryou are so pathetic. that part is true. i hope there's' special place in hell for people like you who purposefully, with malice and intent promote racism. yes, liking people for their race is still racism, shame on you. david? >> how about just liking people? >> i got to say, he won me over with the "special place in hell." >> that's nice. it's like a v.i.p. room. >> all right. >> it's like behind a velvet room and air conditioning. >> actually, there's a gift suite. >> clearly, i'm going to hell but i hope there's swag.
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>> totally. >> i hope there's ropes to keep us away from the really bad people. >> liking someone for their racism, no, it isn't. >> i'm guessing there's a special place. i don't think we'll be with hitler and -- >> no. no. >> lenny bruce and -- >> ihell will be the place that's segregated. >> i'm just saying if there's a holocaust defending trayvon martin, there must be -- is there a sliding scale somewhere? >> no, the essential problem with the concept of hell is it's a catch-all. >> so everybody is together. >> the dante thing is all fiction. hell is everybody goes there. that's the weird part. all the people would just rub one out on the weekend, they are the same place with the serial killers and that makes no sense. >> i'm not going if there's not swag. >> if the gift bags instead of bottles of evian. >> they burn you wile you drink them. >> and a couple of sharks with
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laser beams attached to their heads. >> , youyou know, i have one simple request and that's to have sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads! >> yeah, here's the point that i don't get. liking people for their race. this is what's driving the right wing crazy. this transcends race. this is people going, this is a kid that got shot that had skittles. >> yeah. >> i love how -- >> oh, i wouldn't care if it's a wyatt kid. >> his attorney is going to that -- white kid. >> his foreign is going -- >> somebody is following you with a gun. you are unarmed. >> and there's actually no evidence of that. there's not any evidence. >> he's screaming -- >> no. >> what kind of -- what kind of -- >> you are going all bill cosby. >> help, help, help, i got a gun. nobody will care what happens to you. >> you are getting bill cosby in the jello commercial tones. >> really, i didn't realize he had a drinking problem bill
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cosby. >> thank you for your letter. i will put it here under my brussel sprouts. >> why don't you put it in the hippo crate. >> what? really. >> that's like fart number 65. >> 18 minutes after the hour. >> before the first break. >> mm-hmm. >> and we went long. >> that's it. we got -- 18 minutes after the hour, kids, the internet has opened up a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach customers. as you know, i don't leave my house. so i buy everything on the interweb. this is untapped revenue. the best way to do it, big commerce, a brand new sponsor here at the stephanie miller show. one stop shop, you get web design, shopping carts shipping, marketing through social networking sites, accounting and analytics, which sounds complicated. >> uh-uh. >> and necessary. >> okay. i'm fairly certain, i wouldn't be able to explain it to you but they have analytics. big commerce -- they have
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already helped drive almost $750 million in sales for businesses in just the past [ foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. two -- 20 minutes after the hour. it's the stef any stephanie miller. >> i degrade women and beavers. >> it's the stephanie miller show. [ dennis ] claim service so good, it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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>>this is outrageous! we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. ♪
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>> stephanie miller. ♪ >> really? really? that's just mean! >> 25 minutes after the hour. >> people are trying to drive and have conversations and you are going to plant that in their head? >> 1-800-steph-12, the phone number from anywhere. someone is watching from france? yes? are you really calling from paris? >> yes. yes. i've been streaming you for like three years on kphx and now i finally discovered you on current. >> wow! >> wow! >> you had no idea it looked like this at all. >> oh, my god, you realize this is make the right wings' head
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explode right now because this show is now completely french and gay. >> i thought so. that's why i thought i absolutely had to call. >> we are all sipping our lattes and eating our arugala too. >> it's not a morning show here. it's from 3 to 6:00 in the afternoon. >> oh. >> really? >> awesome. all right. would you let would you like to speak french to jim, because it will make him -- >> does jim speak french? bonjour, jim. [ speaking french ] >> thank you. this will be the clip -- >> [ speaking french ] >> all right. >> believe me, i'm so glad you are online. i mean, i'm so glad you are on tv. >> thank you. thank you. >> so, please, i could pleased i could
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do it. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> this is a clip they will be using on fox news tonight. >> exactly! we knew it! >> literally speaks french. >> he speaks french like a spanish cow. that's what he said. >> right. it's the saving grace. >> the three of us here speak french. >> yes. >> all right, let's go to greg in illinois. you are on with hal sparks. hi greg. >> how is it going to, steph? >> good. >> i'm a little bit blue this morning. i watched lawrence o'donnell last night and as an african-american, i was thoroughly embarrassed by joe wilson. the guy quits his job so he can defend someone who he doesn't really know but he considers himself to be an uncle to him. >> there's something weird going on there. >> i don't understand. so he's not earning legal tender anymore. where is his money coming from as o'donnell points out? >> yeah. >> how does he know this person well enough to know what he sounds like when he screams
6:27 am
help? >> right. >> it's infuriating. it's infuriating. we live in a society in which you have your ann colter and the allen alan keyes and they diminish women. i think he's trying to get his own show on fox news. >> i suppose we should not be shocked. the right wing bloggers, there's really no new low they won't reach in this whole thing. one right wing blogger says that obama is leading a lynch mob after zimmerman. >> exactly. exactly. and it's totally ridiculous. it's totally, totally ridiculous. he makes me cry. >> well, clearly you are the real racist according to the right wing. >> because you want this kid to have justice. you want at least a full investigation to be done with all the -- all the evidence in -- >> that's racist. >> yeah, exactly. to ask for that is very racist.
6:28 am
>> after the photo shop live, this picture that was not trayvon martin that looked threatening or whatever. literally, dan reel, you know -- >> a right wing blogger. >> now he sees the commander in chief as a lynch mob against george zimmerman because his campaign is selling hoodies. >> hal and i are both wearing hoodies. >> like any other -- several who self swags sells hoodies. >> fox news was selling hoodies up until last week. >> there's a site that's just pictures of geraldo rivera wearing hoodies to events. >> my favorite is a kitten in the hoody. meow! >> i'm guessing that was not the cat's idea. >> kidding, though! >> 29 minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show."
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message created by a current tv viewer for hershey's air delight. >>mommy, you're so smart, i feel like you know everything. >>you can ask me anything, anytime honey. >>mom, how do you say "hello" in spanish? >>hola. >>hey mommy, how many miles are there to the moon? >>238,854. >>hey mom, are ninjas still a big problem? >>no, honey. >>ha! >>hey mom, how do they get the bubbles into the hershey's air delight? >>i don't know, but it's delicious. >>[both laugh]
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>>hershey's air delight milk chocolate. a lighter, airier, meltier hershey's happiness.
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♪ >> don't do that on tv. it's a family media. [ laughter ] >> the "stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i don't know when we're on break and when we're on tv. >> we have a snippy mark. >> i quoted a presidential candidate. excuse me. >> even liberals don't believe in civil liberties! we see you. >> the -- the point i was making, and i think an important one, again, not to use the language, it's the purpose that matters. >> your point about the excrement was? >> that both him doing that and the news about mitt romney's four -- carrel e car elevator --
6:34 am
>> you make that sound out of touch somehow. >> having car elevators. >> letting that news out is meant to men date the campaign. it's not an -- benefit the campaign. it's not an citizen. you don't want that news coming out, the car elevator it makes you seem rich and out of touch. most people who are voting for mitt romney are voting for rich and out of touch. rick santorum has a goody two-shoes veneer. they want him to seem tough. >> and suddenly he swears at a reporter. it's like an anti-sweater vest campaign moment. >> right. >> and isn't it ironic file, chris pointed out that he vetoed -- >> oh,. >> mitt romney.
6:35 am
>> yes, he uses elevators for his cars. >> he vetoed a bill that would have funded funded an update for elevators to comply with the american disability act. >> hello, gimpy, you are going to have to -- yeah, this is the -- >> you are going to have to suffer! >> hello! >> and take the elevator up to the kitchen. >> mitt romney's beach mansion has its own lobbyist as well. >> that's how he got the right to do that. >> yeah. >> he applied for a permit to bulldoze the 3,000 square foot, $12 million mansion. >> i want that tear-down mansion. >> in order to replace it with one four-times its size. the nonliving portion will be twice the size of the average american's homes and comes with -- it has its own lobbyist. it can be difficult to approve a new 11,000 square foot house with its own car elevators. to help facilitate the situation, he hired a lobbyist.
6:36 am
>> so nonliving part of the house, it's for zombies, for the undead! >> he has the rom-botss. >> yes, storage. >> sam in montana, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, sam. >> how are you doing this morning, stephanie? >> good, sir. go ahead. >> i was calling in to say congratulations on day number three on current tv. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> and also -- >> not fired yet. >> and also to say how important you are to people like me. i'm a gay man with aids living in small town montana. and if it wasn't for being able to get up and listen you to every morning, life just would not be worth living. >> aw! >> sam, don't be making me cry now on day three. sam, you know, my high school boyfriend dies of aids and, so you know, it's something that, you know, people like me and hal sparks and -- have been talking about for a long time.
6:37 am
thank god we have -- you know, we have progress on, it but i know the fight is not done. i appreciate your thoughts okay. >> all right you have a great day too. >> now there will be fart jokes and crying. >> why would those ever be separate? >> roger in florida. >> laugh until you fart. >> there you go. roger in florida, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, roger. >> congratulations on your show. >> thank you. >> listen, the reason i'm calling in is in regards to this trayvon situation. and the question i have had in my mind from day one is how in the world could that kid have laid in the morgue for three days with a toe tag and nobody know anything about it? >> yeah. mm-hmm. >> now, last night on keith olbermann, he made a comment about zimmerman's father being a retired judge from virginia. and i found this to be highly suspect to the circumstances. and what i would recommend is that the fbi investigate the
6:38 am
phone records between zimmerman's father and the state attorney general's office for the state of florida. i would be very curious to see the results. >> exactly. obviously the big headline yesterday is the lead homicide investigator in the shooting of trayvon martin recommended that zimmerman be charged with manslaughter the night of the shooting. he was instructed not to press charges. he filed an affidavit saying he was unconvinced of zimmerman's version of the events. first detective to interview zimmerman was a narcotics officer, not a homicide detective. so there's so much stuff. i mean, martin's family attorney by the way confirmed the teenager was suspended three times over the past year. >> so? >> talk about the facts not relevant. exactly. they found he had a baggy of marijuana. he sprayed graffiti. it's like, oh, gee, you know, a high school kid that's gotten in some trouble. like, how is that relevant? >> yeah, so you are calling for
6:39 am
the execution of kids would get suspended more than four times or something like that? i was suspended several times in high school. at no point was i -- >> why does not surprise us? >> because the system doesn't like people who are original! >> and you too could star in a disney show. >> see? >> the point being that this somehow, you know, teenagers being teenagers is somehow an excuse for somebody to like, stalk and shoot them. >> because the sentence for packing is death. right? >> for me and a lot of people, the case is sort of closed once you hear the 911 operator saying, don't pursue. >> stop. yes. somebody else made the point yesterday how that neighborhood watch people, they are not supposed to be armed. >> right. >> they are supposed to watch. >> they are supposed to watch. they are not law enforcement. >> they have a neighborhood shoot cop -- >> observe and report. >> if they see something suspicious, then they call the police. they are not supposed to go out and shoot people. >> right. >> and i don't get how anybody defends the idea that somebody can come up to you with a gun,
6:40 am
and if you manage to fight back at all, at that point, they have the right to shoot you. and at what point -- by the way, talk about slippery slope laws. the right is always worried about slippery slope laws. this will lead to this. >> yes. >> if i can't have an antitank weapon, then you are going to take away my handguns for my wife while she's act costed. >> right if i can't aim my rocket launcher at an aircraft then what kind of country is this? >> exactly. >> you are taking away our last bit of freedom, about the ron johnson quote about healthcare. but the point is, at that point, how do you not set up the murder everywhere? all you have to do is be out of -- earshot of everybody. >> it reminds me of a not funny version of the don knotts character. >> barney fife. >> i'm like, what? i've got this. no! >> we've got some rules up here on the rock! >> yeah, well, the whole point
6:41 am
is he -- once you get into a situation where you can allow anybody would is carrying to go up to anybody who isn't and will fly shoot them an shoot an unarmed person and then once they get away with, it it's game over. >> right. well, that was the law that complicated their you know, efforts in being able to charge them. >> it's a stan your ground law not a chase and pursue law. >> kerry in houston, you are on with hal sparks. hi, kerry. >> hi, momma and after this, it's also for jim. >> jim, it's for you! >> jim, bill maher straight up stole one of your bits on friday. >> yeah. i think it was mike and rolley's bit. >> oh, what was it? >> no, the bit about -- well i thought jim, you started doing the -- the king off the beer commercial doing the most awkward men of the world. >> yes.
6:42 am
>> and mike rolley put something together from that. >> we previously considered them -- >> he did his whole little rant thing he does at the end of -- of the new rules. >> ah. >> he was doing the least interesting man in the world. >> right. >> and then he closed with the tag line that jim always does, i don't usually -- i don't always drink beer. in fact, i never drink beer. >> yeah. >> so he stole your line. >> previously kerry, we considered an homage. >> the day i did mitch mcconnell as a turtle, it was on colbert report that night. >> just saying. >> i know people who have written for comedy shows all the time, they always steal all the time. >> of course they do. chuck in michigan, welcome chuck. >> hi, stephanie. i wanted to comment about fox and keeping america divided. that's why they are kind of demonized the victim. they cannot risk america being united for any reason, if it's
6:43 am
for a super bowl chrysler commercial or -- >> yeah. >> united in the outrage of an innocent victim being gunned down. >> yep. yep. did you see, by the way, geraldo heart feltfelt apology on fox? >> sorry if you were offended. if you idiots were offended, it's your own damn fault. >> i apologize for what one black conservative, urging back andblack and hispanics to not wear hoodies. the prominent black conservative. >> soul. he's a far right lunatic. >> he's worried that they will implement sharia law. he says the only thing that can save this country is a military coup. >> that and his alibi? >> yeah. >> nicely done, geraldo. you just made it worse. >> you know, what i take it right, geraldo. anybody does have the right to go -- they are 50% in the right
6:44 am
if they see some kid in a hoody, shoot emma 'em according to geraldo rivera. you are halfway there. if this they go left instead of right in a neighborhood you don't think they belong in being open fire. >> we apologize to geraldo rivera, by the knack we call him a nimrod. >> he doesn't -- he doesn't know all the facts if it hit him in the head. >> and apologize if you are offended by me calling thomas soul a right wing lunatic. >> all right. there you go. >> all the apologies done in advance. more with hump days. >> the following show is closed captioning for the thinking impaired. it's the "stephanie miller show."
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>>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. [[vo]]this former two-term governor is ...
6:49 am
♪ >> stephanie miller. >> oh, stephanie. >> what? it is the "stephanie miller show." hump day with hal sparks. >> were you slam dancing? >> yeah, that's what was happening. stephanie was slam dancing. >> spaz dancing, i think. >> i think that's a little closer. >> i stole that from elaine on seinfeld ." 1-800-steph-12, hello mark from florida. mark? hello, mark. oh, he pussed out.
6:50 am
do you know what he wanted to say? trayvon stole jewelry too. >> a shooting suspense, being suspected are accused -- accused -- >> exactly. not even. they found jewelry in his back pack at one point. >> not arrested, not charged. accused of stealing something that he had on him. by the way, how many black people have had to deal with that, being accused of stealing something that was in their possession that was theirs? >> exactly. like at a certain -- okay. but then -- yeah, you want to -- you want to make that a shooting fact. >> do you want the not so fun facts in the smear campaign against trayvon martin. a, he can't defend himself obviously. over the last 48 hours a sustained everything, to smear trayvon martin our friends at think progress. they have gone into two categories false and irrelevant. much of it is creating stereotypes among african males. there were fake photos of
6:51 am
martin reportedly from his facebook page. they show him saggy pants flipping the bird. not him. not him. it didn't stop them from printing it everywhere. michele malkin selected it. and relevant negative information about him being suspended, found with an empty marijuana bag. >> empty bags that may have had marijuana. >> or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> on fox news, geraldo said he was dressed like a gangster. and some said that he was a drug dealer based on nothing. >> you mean like rush limbaugh. no, he's just a purchaser. it purchased it in the tens of thousands of pills. he wasn't passing them out to his rich friends. >> a right wing columnist alleged that martin assaulted a bus driver, again with no evidence. zimmerman's friend said that martin was blamed because he was disrespectful of martin.
6:52 am
he would not have been shot to death if trayvon would have said i'm staying with my friend. zimmerman was a police officer. he tray john trayvon had no need to tell him who he was or where he was going. and some are linking him to the black panthers. >> let me be real clear about this, from the right wing point of view. if a state official of any sort, a police officer or whatever asks you for your i.d., that's a violation of your civil rights, and a violation of the constitution and you don't have to tell the government where you live or what you are doing, but if a random moron -- >> a random person. >> who is arounded asks you -- you have to give him a run down of where you are walking and where you come from and let him search your stuff. >> we're in show business. those are generally called stalkers. oh, here's my home address. thank you for watching. >> do you think that logic in that story wouldn't rush limbaugh's maid deserve to be
6:53 am
shot? >> absolutely. >> because she's the one who gave rush limbaugh the drugs. >> rush himself would be shot under those standards short of the hoody. >> trayvon's mother on capitol hill yesterday. >> i would like to say thank you. thank you for the support. as i said before, and i will say it again, trayvon was our son, but trayvon is your son. >> until seattle, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, will. >> hello. i have a theory on zimmerman's alleged injuries. i think after he lived his dirty harry fantasy he panicked, fell down. that's how he got the grass stains on his back and then rushing back to his car, he probably opened the door and banged himself in the nose and broke it and then turned it around into trayvon had done it to him. >> well, will, that's the point, we don't know what happened. there certainly have been a lot of cases where people have done stuff to themselves when they panicked and thought, oh, i better make it look like i was attacked. would knows.
6:54 am
that's the problem. >> -- who knows. that's the problem. >> in the age of c.s.i. >> they didn't test his clothes for gunpowder or drugs he wasn't -- >> but they tested trayvon's corpse for drugs. >> obviously when you do a real investigation, there's splatter. they can figure out what direction what came from. that's a homicide investigation. >> they didn't bother to do because they were predisposed to believe one side of the story. it's interesting if you read the actual initial incident report they engage zimmerman the first cop there engages zimmerman there's a black teenager face down on the ground. the cop does not check him for vitals at all. it goes to the -- he goes to zimmerman and zimmerman says he's got a gun and so the policy is he has to -- >> i'm sorry, isn't that excusable? oh, he went for my gun. it's like, okay. that's zimmerman's side of the story. he beat me up and went for my gun. >> well, it's like that old -- you spit on my gun, wipe it off. the cops used to do that type
6:55 am
of thing. they would pull a gun on somebody and say you spit on my gun, wipe it off. and then reach for it and shoot them. >> good morning, ms. stephanie. go ahead. >> about 7:00 this morning i put my beautiful daughter and two beautiful mixed race children on their way back to central florida and it scares the heck out of me. it really, really does. i'm retired from the army, and i was a -- a -- involved in vietnam on two occasions. i will tell you these folks running around out here, not having any training, knowledge or sophistication about weapons and especially the kind of weapons that the second amendment had no part of. when you have had a fentlock rifle in 1700, and now you have automatic weapons. it's insane. the "washington post" did a little investigation about the zimmerman family. both parents were county -- prince william county
6:56 am
employees, but neither was ever mentioned as to being a judge. thank you guys so much. >> thank you, honey. our friend eric bolder at media matters wrote a great piece how the trayvon martin story has baffled the conservative press. when it doesn't fit their storyline, they are not sure how to handle it. >> fox news didn't touch the story until about monday. >> right. >> even the -- i think he quotes the "orlando sentinel" columnist. there's no good way for the gun proponents to spin the death of unarmed teenagers. so they have gone all over the place. >> every time we hear something along these lines, how quick is it before they have a gun show there within three days, the. in r.a. had then.r.a. had some sort of really. >> there's a great series of articles that have run on daily shows that have been linked back and forth about the sort of overreach or the idea of the power of the n.r.a. that's exaggerated by their existence. they don't actually have the membership and the pull that
6:57 am
they -- >> your republican politicians so scared of them. >> kowtow to them. it's a business lobby. it's the gun manufacturers. it has very little to do with most owners. most hunters are way more sensible about these issues than they get credit for. >> margie in pennsylvania. hi, margie. >> hi, stephanie. i love your show by the way. >> thank you. thank you. >> i was thinking about this trayvon thing, and my goodness, these people are supposedly christians. and we have the ten commandments that say thou shall not kill and we also have a bible that says thou shall not kill. didn't trayvon have a right to life? these are right to life people. >> exactly! >> nicely said. 58 minutes after the hour. right back. more hump days with hal sparks on the "stephanie miller show."
6:58 am
?ñ?ñ audience. that's hal sparks. >> he's a lean, mean political machine. >> yes. >> i'm the leanest i have ever been. >> it's awesome. we are going to talk to super lawyer mike papantonio this hour. he's going to have a lot of thoughts on the trayvon martin case and what's going on at the supreme court regarding healthcare. so we have a big, big hour.ú and the i. q. will go way up.
6:59 am
less fart jokes and more, you know, legal stuff. >> i do what i can, but i'm really -- you know, it's the yoeman's battle here. i'm fighting ising so hard. >> sure. sure. >> it's hard to win against stephanie's farts. >> hi, mom. this is my friend al. okay. now some real news from our relate friend, jackie sheckner. >> we will try to raise the i.q. rating a point or two. we first of all, want to take a look at some new polling that has president obama up in some key swing states. he's beating mitt romney in florida, 49 to 42. he has six six points in ohio and three points from florida. the two were tied two months ago. he does well with women. another reason as the economy goes up, so do president obama's ratings. so that would be why he's on a roll right now. just two months ago, of course they were tied but if rick
7:00 am
santorum would go up against obama, obama would beat him by seven points in santorum's home state. the president has meetings at the white house today. nothing on his public schedule but if you need a little bit of a fix of the president, you can go online to pininterest. obama for america announced via twitter that you can find barack obama at at pininterest and be careful, it's addictive. and mitt romney is doing is some fund-raising for a couple of days. rick santorum will be in wisconsin. and newt gingrich has slimmed down his campaign by a third. he will be at georgetown and ron paul is at the university of maryland. the supreme court is starting the third day of hearing on the constitutionality of healthcare reform. they will talk about whether or not it can survive without the mandate. they will also take on the expansion of medicaid. join us in chat at
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
7:04 am
no other television show does that. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ and i'm dying to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right, now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's the "stephanie miller show." 1-800-steph-12 the phone number, in the midst of hump day. my male harr harom, they were
7:05 am
feeding me grapes during the break. the web site. you can email us, and of course, sexy liberal, hal sparks. we will inbound be albuquerque this weekend. >> while we're in the social media, hal sparks on twitter you can follow me and the hump day of hal chat and the blog. >> and the very first week of the current tv and hal sparks pointed out my wonder woman sign that i have behind me. and i've got current swag but i do not have the bracelet, the bulletproof bracelets. i'm waiting for those. [ wonder woman music ] >> this is almost porn music. >> a lot of people are
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panicking over the fact that they can't get current,s you should. this is a perfectly written letter this is how you write a letter. my email to cable vision requesting current. dear cable vision, i'm requesting that cable vision consider adding current tv. current has added "talking liberally with stephanie miller" ms. miller has been on a roll as of late. oh, please! her successfully popular radio show and she has fiercely loyal fans carbonnite and shari's berries. it will make your customers and bottom line very happy. thank you, kevin. >> good. >> why, thank you kevin. >> if you would like to find out if you can get current in your area there's a handy little tool on the front page of put in your zip code and it will tell you where to find it. >> a lot of times it's listed across the bottom right there
7:07 am
they have them listed. you don't even have to do it. >> it's different in different cities. >> you don't even have to do that. >> audrey in los angeles. it's 83. hi audrey. >> hi, stephanie. i'm an 38-year-old an 83-year-old black woman. i have been waking up for you for years, and i guess that makes me a lesbian. i want to tell you i love you. i love what you do. i had to call my cable company yesterday, time warner to find out how to get current because i was determined i was going to find you. and i was sickened by joe oliver and the way he played to -- to the other side yesterday. and i -- i just get a feeling that -- why would he quit his job? where is the money coming from? there's something very sick going on there. >> yeah, audrey, we just said that last hour. there's stuff that does not add up here. you know. >> no.
7:08 am
and -- >> this is why it should be tried. he should be atried and a real investigation and not tried in the press like this. >> it looks like they bought him a black alibi. >> well, the thing this brings back to my mind is the emmett till situation that happened many, many years ago. >> yep. >> and this is like that all over again. and the -- of course, n.r.a. is involved, the police department down there has done everything they could to hide it, and i was a little disappointed too with the city manager down there, who happened to be also a black man. >> right. >> and before the police chief was fired, he said, you know, he, of course, has the capability -- he could fire -- he hired him. could fire him. but he was going to wait to see what happened with the investigation. i'm very, very frightened about how this may come out, the way they are making the victim be, you know, the wrong person.
7:09 am
no matter what -- see, he can't defend himself and there's something very very sick going on. it just shows that racism is still alive and flourishing. >> unfortunately. audrey you have been waking up with me long enough -- >> thank you for being. you are a gorgeous, gorgeous person. >> you have woken up with me long enough, send me some pro flowers or something. >> don't be surprised i might just do that. >> tracy martin, trayvon's dad. >> thank you to everyone who is supportive of our family, everyone who has happened us stand tall in this matter, everyone who is holding the legacy of trayvon and making sure that he did not indeed, die in vain. i would like to say thank you and he's sadly missed and we'll continue to fight for justice for him.
7:10 am
>> our friend eric goler's piece. confounded, how the trayvon martin story has baffled, the conservative. john scott recently wondered aloud whether this is getting the national attention it's getting. his fox colleague says the press is always inned in the cute child that gets murdered and the black victim of racism. >> what the hell? >> wow! >> basically, eric covering up certainty and bafflement. they said it did not fit the right wing's preferred narrative about guns and minority and how they are under attack as rush limbaugh, obama's america, the white kids get beat up with the black kids cheering. i mean, it just -- and this is why -- i was talking about geraldo rivera's ridiculous comment. they had wanted the stand your ground law. eric writes fox opinion, mostly preferred to look away. again, they are just not sure
7:11 am
what to make of this. obama's comments regarding martin seemed to free up conservatives and treat the story of a dead teenager as purely partisan one. it's where they feel comfortable, it's the contest between left and right and that's exactly why i think -- how the president's comments resonated so much. they really were so human and as a parent and not racial. just -- i mean, they are acknowledging the racial element of it, because how can you not? but anyway so -- >> you are not supposed to. awareness, unfortunately, in their mind benefits social forwardness. you know, that any time you bring up gay people or minorities or women in almost any setting, eventually, the public, because i think the vast majority of people are good start moving towards equality, towards more open hearted and open mindedness and they just don't want you to talk about it. they don't want you -- when you bring it up, it doesn't benefit them. you keep these things quiet and talk about only the things they
7:12 am
want to talk about. >> and's why they have gone -- and that's why they have gone into smearing a teenager. oh, really, he's been suspended a couple of times. how is that in any way relevant in this case? >> it's rick ridiculous. it's absurd that he can hunt him down and shoot him. by the way, call the cop. if you are a racist neighborhood watch idiot knock yourself out. you have the right to be racist and gross. it's america. but insofar as getting out of your car when the cops tell you not to, following him, the kid is unarmed, you have a gun and then complaining that somehow he was getting the best of you in an altercation and you had to shoot him, it just -- how does that not leave the door open for just basically an open shooting law? it's not an open carry law. you are not protecting yourself. >> it's an o.k. corral. >> you know, my girlfriend and i were having an altercation. we went behind the bar to have a conversation and she tried to hit me with something so i had to shoot her. at that point, where -- there's
7:13 am
no stopping point. >> tracy in texas. hey, trace. >> hi. i have a comment, first of all where is george zimmerman's injuries? it's been long enough to where the police should have, you know, shown us the pictures his busted nose and his -- the back of his head busted. also, i have a comment. the spinal birth defect and 20 years ago, i used to go anywhere i wanted to at any time, and now i go out early in the morning so i don't have to deal with the jerks and the cat calls and i get my business done and i come home and that's it. i don't have any -- i try not to have any dealings with the public, because they are just mean! you know? >> well, i'm sorry about that, trace. yeah, you know, all good points.
7:14 am
there's something wrong when how, just like normal people have better questions than the police investigators did, you know? what about this? what about that? >> right and the concern is -- this is why it became a national issue is that it shows a predisposition on the police in that area to immediately side against trayvon regardless, you know, in that circumstance, there's a black kid face down. they are immediately going to assume something wrong. >> there's no way that any reasonable person would not go -- if it were reversed it would be totally different. >> marty in missouri. hey, marty. >> hi. >> hi. i just wanted to make a comment on trayvon martin. if you put aside the fact of neighborhood watch, you put aside that there might have been robberies in that kohl plex, you put -- complex you put aside whether trayvon was an average teenager or perfect. as a mom of a 17-year-old who leaves the house on foot all the time, i don't understand what happened to the question of stranger danger? it was raining. it was getting dark. this stranger is following him
7:15 am
first in a car and then by foot wax you would have expected, you know, your child to do. >> run! >> and what do you train your child to do? >> in any crime, it's the blame the victim. there's no person on earth that's purchase it's perfect. oh, she had sex one time with somebody, and she must have deserved this with a rape victim. >> geraldo's hoody comment was related to the short skirt defense in a rape situation and rightly so. it's the exact same thing. they had it coming. >> well, now that george's story has changed and his argument is that he -- once he got close to trayvon, he turned around and swung. i talked to my 17-year-old about this. he said basically have you been training me since i could walk what do when someone i don't know is behind me. he said, i would have turned around, kicked, bite punch -- >> right. >> thank you. >> whatever i had to do to get away. so i'm not like -- forget about the stand your ground and all of that.
7:16 am
what do we want people -- >> thank you, marty! talk about self-defense, you are right. it's like -- >> here's the ironic park. >> he was stalking with him with a gun. >> trayvon -- >> you can't stand your ground if you are not armed. >> if trayvon was enacting the stand your ground law. he wasn't armed. he had the right to use force because he did not have to run or evade according to the law. it should not apply strictly to guns. the enaction of this law is that you can defend yourself with deadly force, why is that just gun owners? that's an unfair politic of the law. >> and the sad thing is, you know, obviously the girlfriend told him to run. if he had, maybe this wouldn't have happened and yet you -- and yet as you say, probably a kid like that is smart enough to go, i can't out run a gun. i'm not going to -- i'm a black kid. i'm not going to run. >> and running makes me look guilty. >> right. if it had been a girl on the way back from 7-eleven. a 17-year-old ran to get
7:17 am
skittles, someone in an suv is following them, what would we expect? if it was a girl, would we be having this conversation? of course! >> right. >> she's supposed to defend herself. we watch all of these crime shows. you watch what happens to people who get followed. they disappear. >> and one of the things that zimmerman said was suspicious about him, he started walking faster. >> yeah. yeah. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> and a black boy. >> as you might when someone is following you with a gun. 19 minutes after the hour. much more on all of this and super lawyer, mike papantonio coming up on the "stephanie miller show." wow! i don't believe it. this is too good to be real. >> the "stephanie miller show."
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
7:21 am
♪ >> didn't want to do it, really? you didn't think it was funny? >> this is the wrong version of it, and you don't -- you don't even use the chorus of it. >> i don't care. >> i think ferrara is on this current season of "celebrity apprentice." >> oh, really? >> mm-hmm. >> there you go. >> good host. good host! that a girl!
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>> stephanie miller. ♪ everybody was fighting ♪ >> i can't stand that song. >> shut up. shut up! it's my show! i can play girl music. >> i can't stand that version of the show. >> why is this girl music/. >> because a girl sings it. >> why do i let boys in? >> this was a knock off of "rocky horror" because it was getting a lot of play. >> he hates everything except for boy music! >> that's not -- >> it's through it all. >> i have seen tori amos live over 30 times. >> wow! >> have you ever seen tori amos -- >> whatever. >> have you ever seen -- have you ever seen -- >> yes. >> you have not.
7:23 am
>> you have not seen tori amos. >> all right, i lied. >> you don't even know who tore atoriamos is. >> tame me one song. >> i performed with shelley wright in the last couple of months. have you? >> no! >> name dropper! >> all right. she's the official country star of the "stephanie miller show." >> i sang with winona. >> hi, eric, in buffalo. welcome. >> hi, steph. this law is insane, but i do remember about maybe 15 years ago, that there was a rash of tourists being carjacked and killed in the state of florida. >> in miami. i remember that. >> i wonder if this law was passed as a disguise to kind of clear that situation up because nationally we didn't hear anything about the law being passed. i'm sure there was some outrage locally but was that the reason that they were able to slide this law in?
7:24 am
>> oh, boy. that's entirely possible. you know -- >> and there's a lot of. >> alec. >> the n.r. ax. >> -- n.r.a. >> it's not just in florida. i said 25 states or something. >> right. >> carol in florida, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> i had there. how are you? >> hi, stephanie. >> good. how are you? >> well, al gore is the man, current is the station as evidenced by you guys. >> that was actually al gore who called in yesterday. >> i know. i heard him speak. what i wanted to -- i have been in florida for 32 years. florida is nothing but a racist state and has been and always will be, and the politicians are so corrupt. i think that with all this hate on the right, it will backfire. >> in what way? >> well, at the voting booth. >> oh. yeah? yeah. >> i think it -- i think they are surprised at how unpopular it is. you know, that they don't --
7:25 am
they get caught offguard a lot. >> unarmed teenagers being shot and parents of other races and political parties might have some -- >> it's unpopular. but it does surprise them. like, they don't understand what the big deal is. and we're often shocked by their lack of -- you know, the feeling about it, empathy, but i think that's because they are -- they are used to a couple of three decades in some ways now of -- of it not being a big deal. suddenly, you know, gay rights and women's rights and minority rights, there's a point where it's reached a tipping point in a lot of areas and they are surprised by it. >> yep. >> they don't understand why they are being called out. that's where bill o'reilly says my civil rights are being violated. >> by the inability to say mother f-er. >> right. >> m.f.-er where is my iced tea. >> sure. >> i will get that to you right away, mr. o'reilly. >> hi, i would like to be the
7:26 am
hal sparks and the larry sparks fan in eureka, california. >> all right. >> if the pilot yesterday that was removed from the jetblue flight was armed, would he have been able to stand his ground? >> oh! >> yeah. yeah. >> there you -- well, that could have been really, really dangerous if he had a psychotic break and he had a gun like some n.r.a. people want. >> they all mad now. >> yeah, because it's not at all dangerous in an aircraft. >> john lithgow shooting outside the window, seeing the creature on the side of the plan. >> that was a man. oh, my wing! it's "con air" every day for the right wing. >> what? >> it's a movie.
7:27 am
what's up? >>hi! >>how ya doing? >>good. >>what you got there? >>a u.v. light lunch box. >>wow! how does it work? >>you put the fruit in, you turn it on, you wait for ten seconds, you take it out. it's a healthy apple to eat. >>that's big. if you sell as manny of those as we sold records, one day i'm going to be going to your house. >>got a cool idea of your own? enter it now at four finalist will have the chance to pitch their idea to one winner may see their invention idea brought to life.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
7:31 am
♪ >> stephanie miller. >> you know, one of the reasons that i went into tv was to meet girls. [ laughter ] >> and here i am. i had there. >> it is the "stephanie miller show." hump days with sexy liberal hal sparks. 1-800-steph-12. >> it's getting -- >> hot in here. >> sorry. >> oh, boy. >> let's take off all of our clothes. >> take off all of your hoodies. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. obviously with the trayvon martin case in the news, there's no one better to talk to than super lawyer, mike
7:32 am
papantonio. >> good morning. >> it's good to hear from you again. >> everyone is talking about the trayvon martin case. what is your take on all the latest stuff coming out? >> well, the latest, you have now the -- the police trying to blame the state attorney's office for this failure, by saying the state attorney's office didn't go forward with the prosecution. you know, that is completely bogus. the police department had the right that day to arrest the man taking down, perform forensic testing that any police department would have done. it's such a bizarre, crazy argument. i used to be a prosecutor and i can tell you, it doesn't usually start with the state attorney's office. it starts with the police department. in this situation, the police department did no forensic and no trajectory test, find out where the bullet came from, no dna kind of testing. no testing to find out whether his story about hand-to-hand
7:33 am
combat was accurate. it was just -- it was completely blown. >> right, mike, that's way was going to ask you. i think the salient question is legally what happens now? is it too late? >> yeah. >> because now -- does this law -- is that what precluded them from doing any basic police work? >> stephanie, i promise you, any good defense lawyer can have zimmerman walk now. the argument is really simple. ladies and gentlemen, of the jury, what have you seen here is failure of the police department and the state attorney's office to do their job. and now they want you to guess. they want you to guess whether zimmerman was telling the truth about the story. it's a he said, he said story. >> yeah. >> what you do suspended try the police department. you try the state attorney's office, and zimmerman walks. it's absolutely buffoonville down there. i mean, this is not the first time with this police department down there. they are dysfunctional. and part of the problem is the race card runs through that
7:34 am
department. look, sanford is the new selma no question about it. people think of florida, they think florida is a progressive wonderful state. this'there's only two or three places in florida that you can call remotely progressive. sanford in central florida is not one of those places. they are having the same problems there now that selma had back in the '60s and it's just now coming to the surface. >> so mike, in your legal opinion which is pretty expert i have to say, do you think a, he will even be arrested? and, b, your opinion is that he will be acquitted if he is? >> he's going to be acquitted. he may ab rested and he may plead. you know, maybe they can -- i always thought they charge him with premeditated murder because you can formulate premeditation in a minute. the time that he was told don't pursue this child, leave him alone and we'll take it from here, the time he makes the decision to go forward anyway, add to that some of the racial overtones of comments that he said and all of a sudden you have him formulating an idea that looks like a premeditated
7:35 am
intent. and so -- so that may not stick, but you charge him with that, and then you have -- you may be negotiated plea to something like second degree or maybe even manslaughter. here they didn't even give that option. so, yeah, you know, the -- the idea of a grand jury coming forward with anything now is more of a possibility, only because the state attorney's office, who blew it, as well as the police department, has now been taken out of it and you have a new special prosecutor coming in. people don't understand a grand jury is like the extension of the lawyer who is making the presentation, which in this situation would be the state. so the state says, okay, we blew it. maybe we want a grand jury that says there's not enough information here and it makes us look like maybe we made the right decision. >> wow! i mean, you know, it is amazing that, you know, as you have just pointed out about the racial aspect of it. it's interesting, the right wing immediately goes oh, the president is racializing it. what racialized it, legally and
7:36 am
otherwise is this guy calling 91 how many911 how many times using a racial slur, right? >> especially when he has no authority to do it. this is an area that didn't even have an organized neighborhood watch. this is the equivalent of some -- this is -- you know, he has -- he's delusional. when i used to prosecute, i would see these characters that would hang out at police departments. they would hang around the state attorney's office. they were like -- they had this batman mentality, super hero crime fighter mentality. they will go out and get the bad guys for everybody. they are keeping america safe. any time you look at any analysis that are done by psychologists, they are delusional. they have a vision of themselves that far exceeds reality. they think they are a macho bad guy. in reality, they are walter mitty. that's usually where it lands. >> yeah, exactly. that's why, you know, if you need trained law enforcement -- >> walter mitty with a gun. >> exactly. >> let's turn to the other --
7:37 am
obviously the big legal doing. the supreme court hearing on the healthcare law. let's talk broccoli and cell phones. >> stephanie, the way i see this case, it's actually a lot simpler than the media is making this. let me use an example. there was a place called ollie's barbecue in alabama, and this tells the story about what this case is about. ollie's barbecue seated about 200 people. it was ten blocks from the interstate highway. it was a small local family business. they bought supplies from vendors all over america though. so if ollie sold goods to fewer people by not -- by -- and it was a civil rights case. and what was happening is the federal government said to the ollie organization, you better start selling to african-americans in compliance with the civil rights changes or we are going to shut you down. now, why could they do that? they could do that because they
7:38 am
would say you are violating an essential part of the constitution, called the commerce clause. by not buying good -- by not serving everybody, you are selling fewer goods. that affects commerce not only in alabama. it affects commerce everywhere. so by -- by purchasing fewer supplies, you are affecting commerce. you are affecting the national chain of commerce and it's interrupted. so the same argument takes place when you do the analysis here. conduct by insurance companies is interrupting the free flow of commerce within the health industry. also individuals who choose not to purchase coverage within this unique system, that requires everybody to participate, by not doing that they interrupt commerce. so the -- they are using something that's been around forever. the precedence is overwhelming. it's been affirmed by court after court. they can't ignore that this is the law. the second part of it is the congress has the right to -- to -- it's called the necessary and proper clause. that's to say that the congress
7:39 am
has the right to say, we can -- we can use whatever vehicle we want. we can call it taxing. we can call it tax vehicle. whatever the hell we want to call it to enforce our congressional mandates. so what you have happening is you have the right that's trying to tear away the pan date, because if you have no mandate, stephanie, none of this works. >> right. >> if you take away the mandate, then you don't have the pool of money that's required to make this whole system work. >> right and then we are back to discriminating on preexisting conditions being right? >> exactly. far worse than that. >> by the way, mitt romney said on "the tonight show" he would do nothing about. >> wow! >> as good as mitch mcconnell. >> am i wrong that i wish mike papantonio be trying this. there were some mixed reviews. >> he was awful. he was awful. he was doing something, what they call a response bounce. that's where the motion is put out in front of you. you attack the notion rather than sticking to your game plan.
7:40 am
it's just like a -- just like a basketball game. you know, the player sticks to their game. they play their game. they don't worry about the questions coming from the supreme court. they can answer them, but they can answer them in a way that -- that has to do with their -- with their plan, with their methodology. this guy was awful. there's no question about it. i don't think i'm even equivocal about it. the interesting thing is roberts might have saved him. of all people, roberts starts asking questions that should give the right some real concern. he's asking questions basically that say, you know what, i'm not so concerned about this issue on the commerce clause. i'm more concerned about the idea of does congress have the right to enable their -- their congressional legislation to force by way of necessary and proper -- proper authority, to force it on us? and the answer is yes, they do. >> well -- >> the analogy of the cell phones and the broccoli is absurd. it was ridiculous. this is something completely
7:41 am
different. >> ruth bader ginsberg had to give him an assist. >> those would don't participate are making it much more expensive for the people would do. so you are not -- it's not your free choice just to do something for yourself. what you do is going to affect others and affect them in -- in a major way. >> she also said -- i thought she was like helping them. i thought your main argument was -- your main point is that unlike food or any other market, when you made the choice not to buy insurance even when you have every insent to self-insure, when disaster strikes, you may not have the money. a major, major point of your argument is people who don't participate in the market are making it more expensive. >> that's correct. we have to look at national commerce as one entity. here, this is such a specific argument we are talking about. this is a unique commerce that can only be made available in
7:42 am
certain ways and in government by way of the -- there's something called health police and safety concept that comes out of congress. it's entitled to the highest level of respect and scrutiny. if congress says we are doing that's a police power, health, safety and welfare there there must be a presumption, the presumption is that they are doing it for the right reason. that's the way they framed the argument or under police power health, safety and welfare they added to the commerce clause and the necessity and proper authority clause. there's no reason that this court should not uphold this but you know what -- >> mike, can you answer -- >> but it doesn't mean that they won't. >> i don't think anyone has answered to my satisfaction, why can they require us to buy car insurance? isn't it that simple? isn't that the same reason? >> that's exactly the point. if you go state by state stephanie, you analyze the state congressional -- excuse me, the state mandates legislative mandates, always at the top of it is we have the right -- we can be presumed to
7:43 am
have the right, where it comes to taking care of american citizens to -- we're always presumed to be right when we are dealing with health, safety and welfare, under what we call the broad range of police powers. and so that's the same kind of argument here, health, safety and welfare is the very core of this thing. >> mike, before we go, i'm running out of time here, but what is your prediction? what will happen? >> i can't really make a prediction, because we don't have -- we don't have people who are really jurist anymore. they are politicians. what has happened is we have politicians wearing black robes. it takes you back to the mabry vs. madison days when the supreme court got into a fight with the executive branch and said we are more powerful than you are. that's the kind of supreme court we have. in mabry vs. madison, you know that case is a great example of basically ignoring precedent, ignoring the law and saying we are more powerful than you are. and this court is very coppable of that. >> yep. mike, you are the smartest man in the world. >> really, you are! >> seriously, you make my brain
7:44 am
hurt. [ laughter ] >> mike papantonio from ring of fire and general awesomeness. thanks, mike. >> all the best. >> all righty. bye-bye. the i.q. went way up and now when we come back, there's a story about a robot that records fish farts. >> really? >> 47 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> whoa! awesome! totally awesome! all right! >> it's the "stephanie miller show." >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
7:45 am
7:46 am
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7:48 am
>>this is outrageous! we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here.
7:49 am
♪ >> stephanie miller. >> i thought you wanted zy zigga -- >> she's a flip flopper. >> i think that's at original name. >> now that you are on current tv, it's the "stephanie miller show." they ran out of zs. >> welcome to the zs. >> as you should do when you own a marquee. >> some of those letters don't exist in the roman alphabet. >> the font limping across the finish line. >> thanks, steph, i got fired yesterday. after your interview with vice president gore and cutting him off. i told my boss i had to go because i had a hard break to come up. that was awkward to tell the vice president of the united states, i've got to go because
7:50 am
i have a hard break. >> you should have said, i have to make your network some money. >> yes. >> thank you for the opportunity, sir. >> you want to see a real hard break. >> i have a heard break for you. >> and chris, that's a great thing that you came up with. you would think that you worked for sort of a draconian employer at some point in your past, and you had to cater to their emotional needs to protect your situation. >> no, never! >> there's no redos in life. however, i can make it up to vice president gore. i'm blinding him with science. we are science believers here on the left. >> mm-hmm. >> a robot records fish farts. >> wow! >> do you know why? because a scientist under water has trouble keeping his pencil lead sharp. my notes are falling apart. >> researchers hoping -- >> i like the physical gags. they work. >> better understand fish distributions.
7:51 am
they have picked up something unusual, barely audible cricket-like noises, which they think could be night time fish farts. >> science examine. >> now we know where waves come from. >> the team has had a glider to head out to sea from tampa bay and back. they were recorded shallower than 40 meters. if you want to know the less fartiness part. they were likely a group of fish including herring notoriously gassy. [ farts ] >> and they actually release farts from a swim bladder. >> well, then it's not -- >> it's not really flatulence. >> it's not methane or anything. >> don't say you didn't learn anything on today's show. >> well, it's probably just erased by that last segment. we learned a lot of things. mike papantonio was very helpful. >> do they hear the fart sounds or the equivalent, dude!
7:52 am
>> and then they light a match under water. >> no, it's herring. >> this proves fish are responsible for global warming. so i'm going out for sushi. >> lynn in amherst, new york. >> hey, that's no fair, i have to follow fish farts. >> sorry. welcome to my wednesdays. >> this fart show. we are going to have arlen spector on on friday. >> congratulations on being on current. >> thank you. >> with the trayvon martin things, i reacted as a mother. i felt like, you know, what if that was my son? i have a 20-year-old son. but my -- one of my questions is, if anything happens, even remotely near the way mr. zimmerman said it did, they would have been out there -- it would have been on page one of the newspaper. he would have been flashing his nose and boo-boos like the red badge of courage and we are not seeing any of that, so, you know, how -- i don't know.
7:53 am
it's just -- >> i mean, yeah. that's -- that is part what bothers me, lynn. what is his supposition that nobody will care if another black kid gets shot? he doesn't even need to defend himself? >> exactly. >> yeah. by the way, and so all the right wing has, we mentioned earlier, apparently obama is selling hoodies on his campaign web site. >> that is funny. so is the n.r.a. >> oh, yeah, looky there. the n.r.a. has a helpful conceal carry hoody where you can put your gun right in your hadley. >> i bet it would come in handy for george zimmerman. let's go to karla in california on the trayvon case. >> good morning. >> hi, i am a single mother of three boys. i'm not going -- i'm going to try not to be emotional about this. i'm african-american. my boys are mixed children and last night i had to sit and explain this case to my children. they wanted to know. they are hearing about it.
7:54 am
how do you tell a child you are hated because of the color of injure skin. >> or you are suspicious. >> how do you tell them? >> or you are suspicious that everything -- people are looking at you because of the color of your skin. they are expecting you to do wrong. as an african-american mother, i tell my children, you know this is out there in the world. this is happening, and you have to be better than -- you have to be better than your counterparts at school. you have to be better than a white kid. you have to do twice as much as them to not be suspected. >> yep. >> i mean, that's the case at the white house right now. literally we have an a student head of the harvard law review president right now, you know as our first african-american president, who followed a c student white guy who got in because of who his dad was. and that's -- that's where we are, unfortunately. >> i heard people make that. how do you better really in life than barack obama? how would you have a parent be
7:55 am
prouder of you, and yet the right wing cannot say enough bad things about him, right? >> absolutely. and as i'm working with my children and i'm -- i'm -- like i said, i'm a single mother. i'm putting my children into a private school because i want that education for him. i want him to be able to suck said. i -- succeed. i want him to look at obama and say, i can do the same things. and then at the same time, i have to say, honey, you can't go out tonight. we are going to hang out in a certain area and you will be different. >> yeah. and whatever you do, don't grow up and go to harvard because you will get called an elitist socialist. >> i will say that's the difference in our culture, is that there are some people maybe the way you relate it. there are some people who are still in our past. they are still stuck in the past. >> yes, 58 minutes after the hour. back with more hump days with hal on the "stephanie miller show."
7:56 am
>> well, hello again, current tv pop ratski paparazzi cameras. >> stop it. >> this is the day when i become sister mary alice and barely keep control of the
7:57 am
show. i have to push the boys out of the forth at some point. we will talk about the trayvon martin case, and also -- [ speaking gibberish ] >> romney found obama's comments alarming and troubling although he finds trees that are the wrong height to be alarming and troubling. >> this is not the right height. >> they are. >> just the right height? >> it's jacki schechner. >> hi, this morning arguments are underway, the third day that the supreme court is taking up the issue of healthcare reform and they are talking today about severability, whether if the mandate is struck down the entirety of healthcare reform can survive. they are also going to talk about something new and that would be med cade, whether the federal government has the right to expand medicaid in the state, the states do get a lot of their money for that from the federal government. "the new york times" is reporting that the white house
7:58 am
has not really considered what they would do if healthcare reform failed. they said that congress does not have a contingency either. the supreme court will not rule on this until of course, and they have some time to -- october and they have some time to figure it out. newt gingrich wants to make it to the republican convention in tampa. develop to conserve some cash. he's cutting his campaign staff by a third. he says he will focus more on social media, things like youtube and twitter. in other words, things that aren't going to cost him anything. stephanie and crew have been talking about the trayvon martin case and cbs news is reporting this morning that there will be a new investigation taking place essentially we're starting over, the quietly there's a new prosecutor who is interviewing witnesses and looking at the evidence and the case will make it to a grand jury. if you want to talk about this and more, you can join stephanie and crew online we will be right back.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
8:02 am
no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> mm-hmm, it's the "stephanie miller show." six minutes after the hour 1-800-steph-12. hump days with sexy liberal hal sparks. >> we will be in albuquerque this weekend. there's a few tickets on saturday. follow me at hal sparks and
8:03 am
also the sexy liberal twitter. so i will do a tweet up before the show. >> whoa! >> does that mean you can meet up if you tweet? >> tweet a location for some place and only about an hour beforehand and you can only go if you know about it. it's the first sexy liberal tweet out. so follow me at hal sparks and we will give you the info. >> phil in albany already has the tickets. >> i feel like charlie from willy wonka. i have the golden ticket. >> yes, you did. very exciting. >> congratulations on the show. i love watching the first hour now. >> thank you. >> because i don't get the first hour on the radio. >> most people don't understand it. >> no, it needs to be critic and psychotic like it can now. >> all right, bill, we will see you june in boston. >> check out -- do you know what really both es me about the trayvon thing.
8:04 am
it's not the politicians or everybody around it. it's the people on fox, the comments. >> oh, yes. >> oh, gosh. last time i went there was when whitney houston died. >> the fox nation. whoa! >> it's amazing how they come after -- you know, if some random person puts something on daily coz that is even remotely like, maybe rush limbaugh shouldn't be walking around outside of jail. bill o'reilly goes ape on them. you read their comments like this is just horrifying. >> sexy liberal, like i said eight v.i.p. tickets and maybe 20 or something of the balcony $22 tickets. >> we give special love to the balcony folks. and -- >> yeah. >> and april, madison is already sold out. yeah, but go to and get all the -- >> if ron johnson, the senator from wisconsin thinks he has one little slice of freedom
8:05 am
left, wait until we get up there and get ahold of him. >> right. >> he will feel really unfree. >> meredith writes, we are thrilled to see you on the tv on monday. yay! >> yay! >> we have some conspiracy snausages. i was anticipating watching you while interview the vice president al gore yesterday, the dvr had not recorded the show. hmm. my at&t guy wouldn't treat you as a series. do you think monday would be your first and last day? >> perhaps. that could be it. >> that's not really a conspiracy. that's just based on history. >> justin in bellingham finally got the recording of your show to work on tuesday. i heard someone else had the same problem. i woke up all excited, nothing. nothing. >> i have ver verizon fios and it works just fine. >> yeah, mike, i have tivo brand tivo and it worked fine. >> you do? >> isn't that old?
8:06 am
you have an actual tivo. >> i have three actual tivos in my house. >> do you have a van down by the river. >> and it works a hell of a lot better than any cable company dvr. >> that's how old it is. it's the sound of popcorn from the '70s. >> it's coal-fired but it's just awesome. >> i like my tivo. >> you should see him shovel blue coal from pennsylvania into his dvr to get it firing up every morning like an old steam engine in a mickey mouse cartoon. >> when he covers right wing world, it sounds like popcorn. >> okay. we're going to -- >> there it is. ♪ >> popcorn? oh, awesome! ♪ >> yeah, you are right. if anybody knows -- >> you thought i was asking for the bill o'reilly popcorn.
8:07 am
that's what you thought i was asking for. >> well, at that point, anybody would knows anything about my music a tastes -- this is my band zero one, you will think, oh, yeah, i'm surprised they haven't covered popcorn. >> bill o'reilly did. yeah. >> i don't even know why we did this, do you? >> because you made noises like popcorn. >> oh, there you go. >> here he comes. >> here he comes. ♪ >> that's why i did it. >> all right. if y'all are -- >> i have a phone call from bill o'reilly that sounded exactly like that. >> you kids are all good. we are going to have uncle jim moore having william f. buckley doing "milk shake." we don't know why. we thought it would be funny. brent and becky write, my cat is a democrat because of you. my girlfriend and i adopted a cat a few months ago. i would like to thank you to figure out what my cat is. he's sleepy and nonsocial, and
8:08 am
he's a liberal. whenever i have the radio tuned to your show, she climbs up to lay on my phone where the sound is coming from. she's even tried to keep a conversation going, which is a little odd. the kitty talks back to the radio. [ cats meowing ] >> they are probably -- he's probably hoping that it's fun to call in to be a caller. >> okay. >> you don't these opposable thumbs. >> just mash the -- >> yeah. >> you get one of those big button things they offer on late night tv. >> just put it on speaker phone. >> buy your heated blanket now and get this oversized button phone for -- i can now see the numbers! boink, boink! boink, boink, 911! just mash it with my fist. i can call my son. wake up, where is my liquor? you can put 1-800-steph-12 on
8:09 am
your speed dial. >> one big button, whack. >> and your cat would probably make more sense than our right wing callers. [ cat meowing ] >> quiet, you right wing dog! >> trayvon stole jewelry at some point. >> tom in windsor says we are demo cats. >> earl in california. hey, earl, welcome. >> good morning. i just want to thank you for increasing my knowledge about fish farts. >> thank you. you're welcome sir. >> you didn't know that stuff already? where have you been? >> whatever! >> whatever! >> heavens no, i live in california. >> we don't care about the oceans here. >> what do we care about the l.a. city schools. >> i had a comment about the trayvon case. i'm not sure what the laws under florida about law enforcement officers but here in california, before anyone can become a probation officer a parole officer, sheriff
8:10 am
police, highway patrol, they have to complete a comprehensive, psychological evaluation, including i.q. testing. i'm not sure if that applies in florida. >> it clearly doesn't. >> clearly not. >> on a lot of fronts, look at would the governor is. they are not setting those kind of standards for public officials in california -- or i mean in florida. >> so republican candidate mitt romney trying to make hey out of a comment president obama made to russian president medvedev. >> there's two cerilic letters in the alphabet. >> it sounds like a record going backwards to me. he said he needs some space on missile defense until after the election year and so romney, of course, jumped on that. he said russia is our number one geopolitical foe and called
8:11 am
obama's comment very, very troubling. this is reminiscent of hollywood of a certain period of history. my other advice is to check the clocks from time to time. it's 2012, not the mid-70s. he has to take the current state of affairs into being. obama says i don't think they have been listening to my speeches that i want to reduce the stockpiles. >> did obama actually imply to another world leader that during the election year, his foes in the congress might not be open to sensible policies and might just be -- >> what? >> what? and that after he's not going to be running for election again, they might calm down enough to -- it won't take nine months to do the stark treaty for example. >> newt gingrich on the -- >> i'm also going to go after him about the new tape that you have today, in which the president in a very cynical way
8:12 am
says to the russians, why don't you wait until i get reelected before i sell out our missile defense program. >> oh, that's a direct quote? is that from newt gingrich before i sell out our missile defense program? >> yeah. >> he's paraphrasing. >> paraphrasing. >> yes, yes. >> much like he paraphrased by what the president meant by the trayvon martin saying that he wished it was a white kid that had been shot, and that would have been fun. >> have we opened up his skull? is there a little sausage machine that takes whatever words go in his head and just kind of grind them up and creates -- it's mazing. it's like the pink slime that they found in meat. he just inserts his own pink slime into everything, and it comes out this preformed patty of hate? >> hate and ammonia. >> i think he's filled with pink slime. >> i don't doubt it. that may be flex armstrong! [ laughter ] >> for anybody who actually cut open a stretch armstrong. >> it was filled about maple
8:13 am
syrup. >> mm-hmm. >> mitt romney. >> has things he's willing to do with them that he's not willing to tell the american people. this is to russia, without question, our number one geopolitical foe. >> okay. >> i think china, really. >> even boehner said something about that. >> i think it's appropriate that people not be critical of him or of our country. >> wow! >> and then he cried. >> he is ed something that made sense for once. >> -- he said something that made sense for once. >> yeah, that's startling. >> was he tackled right after it happened? >> medvedev -- >> they start treating him like the pilot on jetblue. >> we will beat the orange after you. >> all right. yeah, they live in a world where, i don't know, dolph lundgren is still our number one something. i don't know. >> and yet -- >> and everybody has a training montage.
8:14 am
>> in a world where dolph lundgren still has a career! >> all right. 17 minutes after the hour. >> yeah. >> yes. >> okay. 17 minutes after the hour which means it's time to tell you to get carbonnite so you can lose everything in your computer. let's say you are on your computer at home and you get a virus. >> and you lose all of your dolph lundgren movies. >> everything in there. all of your music. my ballroom blitz would be gone. everything that i love. >> that would be a rocky iv the expendables and all of those other movies that dolph lundgren did between rocky iv -- >> you need a better backup plan for your home or business. i trust carbonnite to keep all of my important -- it's like pushing a rock up a hill on wednesdays. >> isn't it, though? >> just carbonnite -- was that a -- i trust carbonnite to keep my important files safe, no matter what happens to my computers. they are all backed up automatically and continually. >> including ballroom blitz.
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>> thank you, has a better backup for you. prices start at just $59 for the entire year. right now, i have a special offer to get you started go. to right now before you forget. type in my offer code stephanie for a free trial and two months free with your subscription. 19 minutes after the hour, right back on the "stephanie miller show." nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate agents. ♪ ♪ [ radio announcer ] he puts up the shot for the win! ♪ ♪ [ mayhem ] it's march and it's mayhem. and if you've got cut rate insurance you could be wishing it was february. so get allstate. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate agents.
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er granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. ♪ >> steph apystephanie miller.
8:19 am
stephanie miller. ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." why do you send me these studies. chocolate is apparently good for you again. people who eat chocolate are thinner than those would don't. you know i only do the ones that say drinking is good for you. >> depends what you are eating too. that consumption is based on like -- >> the amount of cocoa in it. >> if you are eating 70%, it will have a better effect on your physical -- dark chocolate is eating milk chocolate. >> there you are being a chocolate racist again. >> they they call you a hippo-crate? >> yes, a box of a box of horses. >> steve in wisconsin. >> hi, i wanted to call and congratulate you on your show.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> i'm actually a new fan. i haven't seen you before. >> that's because you were on radio and you don't see radio. >> usually i'm an acquired taste. >> i'm calling about the trayvon thing. >> mm-hmm. >> one of the things i think that's absolutely disgusting is as they get further into this it gets more and more dark. the police chief shouldn't be on leave -- >> yeah. >> it's known as a sake. >> -- vacation. >> a paid vacation. >> donna in texas on geraldo. >> i wanted to say if geraldo is worried about perceptions of those hoodies. maybe he should consider cutting off that ridiculous mustache. >> unless you want to be confused as a village person. >> there was a fellow like a mustache like his that would tie women to the railroad
8:21 am
tracks. >> yeah. >> and so you kind of wonder why he has hasn't thought about him having that little -- >> well, he could actually, you know, be shot by dudley dooright! >> he could be mistaken. >> simply looking the way he looks if he drives through arizona or new mexico, he could considerably picked up and departed and it -- deported and it would be gay with them. >> no, my name is heavy chevy rivers. >> geraldo rivera's head as empty as al capone's vault. rush limb bra on the supreme court. >> he crushed them. >> i want to remind you of something. >> you do, actually. >> this healthcare law debate at the supreme court and everywhere else is about much more than just health care. it's about the constitution. people ask me all the time, the constitution is what it is
8:22 am
rush. how can you have four justices on the supreme court who simply refuse to accept it? and the answer, well frustrating, it's very simple. they don't like it and they want to change it. >> besides three of them are sluts! look at them. absolutes on the supreme court! how do they even understand what -- >> so the commerce clause and the -- and equal protection general welfare, blah, blah, blah. blah. >> blah, blah, blah. >> yeah. >> steve doocy and andrew that poll tanthatpoll tannapolitano. >> can they compel you to buy insurance and if they can compel you to buy insurance or why not health food. >> or brookly. you analyzed it nicely. >> steve doocy -- >> steve doofus. >> you don't have to attach
8:23 am
legal to it. >> i think noted mind. >> isn't that like an 8-year-old mind. you can't make me eat broccoli. like it does not -- >> sorry, but people -- people go into emergency rooms and be treated and -- and at that point, the rest of us arguably are compelled and it affects the price of our own insurance because people can take advantage of that. so that affects infate instate commerce and the government has the ability to regulate commerce based on that fact. end of conversation. if you can compel people to do work. you are compelling a doctor to do it for free, essentially. can you compel people to buy contingency insurance. >> the car insurance only works because you pool the good drivers in with the bad. >> thank you. >> not everyone is maying 10cajillon dollars. >> the "new york times" in almost a caricature of the liberal media refers to george zimmerman as a white hispanic. i guarantee you that if george zimmerman did something good if he finished first in his high school graduating class
8:24 am
when he was younger, they wouldn't refer to him as a white hispanic. he would just be an hispanic. if he invented something that made all of our lives better they wouldn't describe him as a white hispanic. he's only a white hispanic because they need the word white to further the storyline. >> except that he has a white parent and hispanic parent and his race isn't important. it's the fact that he used antiblack racial slurs. >> right. >> and he shot a black kid. an unarmed black kid. >> thank you! >> 29 minutes after the hour. >> i don't think that the latino community is racing to back up him in that regard either because he's not indicative would they are, any more than the white community. >> more ump hump days with hal on the "stephanie miller show."
8:25 am
i think its brilliant. >>current tv welcomes two new hosts. news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >>and humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>politically direct means no bs, cutting through the clutter. >>bill press and stephanie miller, current's new morning news block. weekdays six to noon.
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all,
8:29 am
politically direct. >> the quality is not that great, because you have to consider your tv and surprisingly, quality of television isn't that great. [ laughter ] >> it is the "stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. hump days with hal sparks. 1-800-steph-12 as we continue right ring world. oh, no, if al gore is watching today, this will make his head explode. it's some science on global warming. this is from fox business changes.
8:30 am
>> the notion that we are getting to a point where now carbon dioxide is bad. i think they guys have pretty much -- >> sun spots have much more to do with the change of temperature on the earth than co2. >> would are these morons. >> noted scientist, david assman. >> everyone knows the world is flat! >> who cares -- if it was round, you would fall off. duh! >> all right. there's a little science from -- there you go.ú >> eat up. >> if you want to -- if you dvred it, listen to our conversation with al gore, and use some compare and contrast. >> greg gotfield on the five. >> there's a new bio moving coming out on jane fonda and i have been working with them to make suggestions on who should play jane fonda. the first one is steve bushemmi, a great character act. he would be perfect and then maybe danny treho, do you remember him from" machete ."
8:31 am
>> because she's playing nancy reagan. >> yeah. >> so that's why they are -- >> i hate her. >> wow! >> hippie! >> that was some right wing comedy there. >> you can't go to somebody really right wing and make the point that it's a party difference? you would, go i think michele malkin would be great to play her or why don't they -- >> they are losing their minds because -- >> ann colder will be colter will be playing the part. >> no. jane fonda is set to play nancy reagan in the movie "the butler" that's why the right wing are losing it. >> they are going ape dump. >> success, i suppose. i mean, if you are casting people to draw attention to a project, well done! >> all right.
8:32 am
speaking of celebrities, this one just popped out at us. is lishaalicia silverstone. she teaches her son to eat food bird style. >> you are sitting like a bird on a wire. >> yeah, i don't understand what the problem is. hmm. >> the actress posted a video of herself feeding her son breakfast. i fed bear, i guess his name is bear. >> bear? >> the mochi and tiny bits from my mouth to his. it's his favorite and mine. he literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if i'm eating. >> oh, wow! >> okay. maybe i'm not as liberal as i thought. i find that odd. >> it's certainly odd. it's not -- >> but you don't have children to -- >> just another reason for me not to go to chuck e. cheese. [ laughter ] >> well, they do serve liquor there now which makes total
8:33 am
sense! who is the guy going, hey, how come i can't get a beer in here? what kind of sevey adult is complaining about the lack of beer in chuck e. cheese. >> seda in detroit. >> they are laughing with us. >> they do serve liquor. >> they don't do they? >> yes, they just fought for a liquor license. >> we need more fist fights among parents at chuck e. cheese. >> okay. i'm watching you on current tv. >> i can hear your tv in the background. that's me laughing, i heard that. turn the tv down. >> oh, i'm so sorry. tracy martin, the appearance of trayvon, i think they should be able to sue because if you don't try to get in touch with the parents of a dead person or the next of kin, how do you have a right to drug test and all that? >> right. right.
8:34 am
exactly. are you watching current right now? >> yes, i am. >> okay, i'm signing up a sign for you. it's not a very good heart. it says, i love theda. i love this whole radio/tv thing. >> i was wondering what you are drawing. i'm like -- >> she's doing an art project. >> that's i didn't sucked at arts and crafts! that was awful! >> that why you sucked at arts. we haven't seen your crafts unless you are cooking broccoli, unless the brussel sprouts. >> would you like me to premasticate some brussel sprouts. a little bird on a while? >> okay, buddy in -- >> thank you, hal. good point. good point. nom, nom. >> buddy in columbus, you are on the stuff "stephanie miller show." >> you having al gore, look at what we missed. we would not have had a 9/11. we would not have had a war in
8:35 am
iraq and afghanistan. >> buddy, i thought of that when i went home yesterday. first of all, i really was nervous. it's not often you talk to somebody like that. and i literally thought how many more people would be alive had they finished counting the votes in florida. >> you wouldn't have had that toxic mess in the gulf of mexico and then later on at night, i turn on my tv and you hear the same chuckle heads who stopped the legitimate counting of americans votes, hey, you will have to go to preexisting conditions. >> oh, by the way, did you see scalia at an event said i don't said i don't know why it was complain about that, it was 7-2. it was 5-4! he didn't remember the quint essential supreme court decision of the last 30 years. >> he remembers. he's just blind. >> yeah. >> scalia, yesterday by the way. >> everybody has to exercise because there's no doubt that lack of exercise causes illness
8:36 am
and that causes healthcare costs to go up. so the federal government says everybody has to join an exercise club. >> yes, his friend rush limbaugh gave him that argument. >> i'm sick of exercising. >> both obama andboth limbaugh and scalia could join a healthcare club. >> both of them get government healthcare. scalia gets his healthcare from the taxpayer snooze deanna in florida. >> hi, stephanie. >> new york you areno, you aredeannea. >> we stopped at the hungry tarpon in islamorada and there's all of these bumper stickers and up on the upneath side of the air vent is a goldwater/miller bumper
8:37 am
sticker. >> oh, my gosh! >> it was the only political one there. >> wow! >> it was the only one! it was taped up there. it was cellophane tape that was old. >> wow! i think it was just the people in that restaurant that voted for them unfortunately. >> in one place. it was a big concentration of votes there. >> there's one clever bumper sticker, a.u. h2o. >> hey, suze. >> good morning, y'all. >> hi. >> i got the y'all going from texas. i wanted to speak on the trayvon martin case. >> mm-hmm. >> i don't know if anyone said this, but this case, to me, is reminiscent of the emmett till case back in the '60s. >> yep, somebody else made that point today. >> yep. >> to me, this is my generation's emmett till, and in -- it's sad that in this day
8:38 am
and age, -- i have a 16-year-old son and in day and age, our kids and then we're having a black president, the first black president and the burden of proof still lies on our kids' shoulders to prove that they are not suspicious. >> yep. >> you know, and that the clothes that they wear. i mean, not to suspicious to police officers or to other races. i mean, they can't walk down the street, even here, and just be a 17-year-old kid or just be a 16-year-old kid or just be -- >> right. >> human being. they have to be looked upon as either a thug or either as someone would might steal something. >> yep. >> someone who might car jack someone, and then instead of facing that fact, you know they will say that, oh, well it's the hoody. it's the baggy pants. it's this. no, it's not that. it's the point of -- that our kids stopped being cute at 12.
8:39 am
>> yeah. >> and by the way, a lot of kids wear hoodies and baggy pants. >> yeah. >> and sell drugs and carry guns and commit crimes at a higher rate, by the way than their black compatriots. >> it's horrible. >> and yet they are arrested at a higher rate. >> it's like this horrible rhetoric about food stamps. the majority of people on food stamps are white. the way they racialized this whole primary is unbelievable. john in pennsylvania, hi, john. >> hello, john. >> oh, no, he's -- >> it's great you can hear my voice? the background on all of these. i'm glad you guys have we turned up. put that on speaker loud enough. >> so rick santorum showing signs of fatigue and frustration. he's grasping for vat s to right his unsteady white house bid by any means necessary. he's called romney the worst republican in the country. >> the worst republican in the country and i want to be his running mate.
8:40 am
>> yeah, right! and i would be considered to be his running mate! >> wow, i also think that him using the -- saying b.s. to a reporter was a strategy. it was a part of a thing to toughen up his image. >> right, tough guy. >> because he's the himeer christian, sweater vest guy. he makes it look tougher. >> i love this, trying to contrast himself with mitt romney who has elevators just for his cars. >> also a strategy. >> yeah. he introduced himself as someone who grew up in western pennsylvania in a steel town, a manufacturing town. i grew up in public housing on the v.a. post. he did not grow up in public housing project. >> why would you claim that, considering how your side feels about public housing? >> i know. i know. then he clarified well, my dad was head of the psychology department. they were nice little apartments being they were small. >> okay. >> i don't understand if he had a public apartment why would you ever dream of living some place bigger when you can stay for free and living in public
8:41 am
housing. >> have you ever noticed that this becomes -- you know, when you are trying to prove that you come from humble beginnings. alberto gonzalez, apparently he grew up in a shoe. it was so small that it was -- >> yes, it was the skit from monty python. we lived in a puddle, under our own dead relatives and we used them for warmth. >> 46 minutes after the hour. back with the remain moments of hump day with hal sparks. >> like frisbee golf, i'm glad i tried it once. >> it's the "stephanie miller show"! no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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8:45 am
the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. ♪ [ music from wonder woman ] >> stephanie miller. ♪ all the world is waiting for
8:46 am
you ♪ ♪ you ♪ >> i didn't realize sammy davis, jr., sang this. >> a super power! ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." hal sparks did point out my new current tv sign does look like the wonder woman background. >> linda from beach park illinois, says that she also had a golden lasso. >> so if the current team could get on that. the sweatshirt is nice, but i could use a golden lasso, and the bulletproof bracelets. >> my guitar player is a stand-up. he has a bit about how the male super heroes beat you up and force you to tell the truth. wonder woman has a rope to make you tell the truth. how vaginal a reference can you come up with, you know? >> they did make the female soup heroes a little -- as we pointed out. >> she wants you to be honest. >> the bionic woman had a bonnic ear but she had to move
8:47 am
her hair out of the way. >> and the $6 million man had to close his other eye to make the right one work. >> that's right. her secret power was withholding sex. [ laughter ] >> it works every time! >> oh, all right, kids. >> the landing was pay funnier than the takeoff in this. >> since everyone has been really good this morning, jim will do william f. buckley singing "milk shake." >> this is 1968. it was milk shake. it became a topic of discussion and it continues to be my considered opinion that milk shake brings all the girls to the yard. it's damn right, it's better than gore's. in substantial remuneration. >> the eyes are freaky. >> the eyes are lost in radio. >> ew. ew! >> hal, you will have to do the
8:48 am
famous hal sparks tongue. >> okay! >> a little gene simmons tongue. that's right, i had it stapled on. >> that's hot! >> let's go to marcus in memphis, tennessee. >> hi, how is it going. >> i want to thank you beautiful lady. >> why, thank you! >> i wanted to comment on the trayvon martin case or whatever. i'm from memphis, tennessee, the place where dr. martin luther king was killed. >> mm-hmm. >> you know, and for something like this to happen in 2012 we've got a black president and to be honest, without white america, obama wouldn't be in the white house, you know what i'm saying. so you have a lot of people that are for the change but you have a lot of bad apples too. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i think that's the thing about this, is that -- i don't know why but there seems to be an idea that one obama got in
8:49 am
it would erase -- >> and unfortunately -- >> it just brings it to the surface. because what we would call obama derangement syndrome and there was certainly a bit of -- it would have been an equivalent hillary derangment. >> and i remember being, we are at the magical postracial. it was like a rock and then we pick the rock and look at what's under there, racism and poe -- racist potato bugs. >> they are the worst kind, the >> ken from pennsylvania has all the facts hello. >> i have to speak out about this liberal mentality. >> thanks for calling the liberal lynch mob show. >> yes, you're welcome. i. >> think people should be asking themselves what you would do if somebody comes up to you, hit you, put you on the ground -- >> so you know that for a fact because why?
8:50 am
>> because a witness seen it. >> a witness. >> one. >> seen it. >> what if that was a friend of his. >> what you would do -- what you would do -- and this is a good -- i think your -- you are unarmed and an armed person comes up to you, that you don't know, you would -- would you fight back if you had the opportunity to? or you would just stand there and will he them shoot you? >> if i didn't have any reason to fight the guy, i wouldn't fight him. >> he had no reason to shoot you. he might have been in the process of trying to kill you. >> if the guy is on top of him as the witness said -- >> but he -- so -- so you are allowed to fight back as long as you never -- you don't win? >> and the other problem is hasn't been an actual investigation to determine which witnesses are telling the truth or was not proper. >> an armed man following an unarmed man. did an armed man follow an unarmed matter. >> it doesn't matter. >> oh, it doesn't matter. >> then it wouldn't matter if someone -- >> all right, boys, don't fight.
8:51 am
you are all pretty. >> no, it's absurd. it's an absurd argument that he's making. >> you are going columbo on his ass. >> and who is this witness? >> he's making the case that somehow -- again, outside the facts of this case, this is this man's judgment point. >> by the way, that's also not the law, if someone punches you, you get to shoot them dead. >> it's equal force. you can't use force for someone smacking you. even in this case, if you have a gun on somebody and they manage to get the best of you, and you get your gun, shooting them, that's -- that's not your option. >> yeah. yeah. >> how -- >> this headline. >> i meant to pressure him and i hit him in the head with a tire iron. what? >> what? this is a precious headlines house republicans claim credit for turning the economy around. >> that's adorable! >> it must have been all of those jobs bills, you know? >> that they refused to -- >> jeff landrieu from
8:52 am
louisiana -- jeff landrieu says i believe if anyone is going going to get a pat on the back, it's the house republicans, not the president and not the senate. >> oh, yes, i think we can all agree on that. what? >> the jobs bill. >> idaho republican said under republican control of the house the unemployment rate has begun a steady decline. south carolina representative jeff duncan, i would say, yes we had an effect. >> by -- >> so if it's getting better if it's not, then it's him. >> by voting down every single jobs creation bill. >> by the way, and it's because the republican cuts that we lost jobs in the public sector. we would have -- the cuts have led to an systemed loss of 370,000 jobs, we would have had more jobs had it not been for them and as you said not a single republican voted for the stimulus. >> right. >> which by the way, boehner yesterday he was asked. you talk about the economy and boehner says it is. there are certainly signs of life. i would say, it should be doing a lot better.
8:53 am
it's doing better in spite of what washington is doing to the economy. >> you are a congressman! >> he's part of making it better but -- >> the president has an unprecedented obstructionist however we have done our very best. >> but the republicans have stated. the republican leadership their sole goal is to make obama a one-term president. >> that's at the expense of the economy. nine months to ratify a new antinuclear prolific. they don't care what happens to you. >> sexy liberal on facebook and on the internet. >> we'll do the tweet out before the show. >> there you go, >> see you tomorrow for another big show, including kathleen madigan as we see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show."
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